Richard Jones & Business Plans NZ

business planning meetingFor businesses to succeed one of the key elements is to ensure that you are correctly positioned in the marketplace through branding strategies, market identity & good use of PR. With over 26 years in business development, strategic planning, corporate communications and management consulting Richard has both the knowledge and practical hands on experience to help your business grow to its full potential. Established in 2002 Business Plans NZ has helped many businesses achieve growth through the implementation of a sound business plan.

If you don’t have a good business plan or your existing plan needs revising call Richard today on 07 853 6642 or 027 6662977.

Specialised Consulting Skills


  • Complete business analysis to help better position your company.
  • Identifying new business opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Business process capture / writing
  • Developing existing and “new” brands communications and strategic PR development
  • Preparation and implementation of Business Development Plans.

From Business Plans New Zealand


  • Development of documentation and support literature
  • Assisting clients with NZ Trade & Enterprise documentation
  • Mentoring
  • Training and facilitation
  • Creating relevant strategic support networks to facilitate future growth and development